Thursday, 27 March 2014

Enterprise software development

Enterprise software also termed as Enterprise software application (ESA) is an application designed to integrate various processes and operations of an organization to meet its business needs. In general they are specifically designed for large business units, schools and clubs where business operations are too complex to operate.

ESA provides a logical support in effective functioning of any big business entity. It helps an organization in performance and integration of various functions such as resource planning, procurement of raw materials, inventory control, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution, accounting, finance and human resource management.
Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe Systems, IBM and HP are a few who develop enterprise software application. Some of the most common enterprise software applications include the following given below
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
  • Business Intelligence(BI)
  • Supply Chain Management(SCM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It helps any company in the effective management of its customers. It helps to learn about the type of customers, their need and buying behavior to enhance the quality of its market plans and sales forecasts.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): It manages and integrates various key areas of the business such as planning, purchasing, inventory control, sales, marketing, finance, human resources through different modules. It has been designed to record and manage the database to ensure the effective functioning of the organization.
Business Intelligence (BI): It allows an organization to retrieve any data from its raw data source through its various components such as tabular reports, spread sheets, charts and dashboards to reveal insight to make better and quick decisions.

Supply Chain Management (SCM): SCM is an application that helps to exercise effective control over the chain of supply. The basic idea of this application is to control internal inventories, increase the speed of product delivery by real time data exchange and to increase the revenue by customer satisfaction.

Monday, 24 March 2014

The power of Content Management System (CMS)

A group of application and tools that helps in creating, editing, reviewing and publishing an electronic text is termed as content management system. This is also called as web management system.

The Content Management System offers a simple Graphical User Interface to an ultimate user with the help of which he can create, edit and manage his web page almost without any technical knowledge in web designing.

The Content Management System has two components in it .Content Management Application (CMA) the editing component and the Content Delivery Application(CMA) the publishing tool. When the former helps the user to create and edit, the latter helps him to publish the same in his web page.

Most of the customer chooses Content Management System for basic content site, blog, news, online shopping etc. Social Medias such as Facebook and twitter rely on popular Content Management Systems for their integration.

Although many CMS are available at free of cost in the market some are charged. Some are simple to operate while some are complicated and need technical assistance. Some are multilingual that supports multiple language.

The CMS uses templates. This helps the user to change the structure of his site rapidly and randomly without much inconvenience. The structure and appearance of the electronic page could be changed by a single click.

The CMS ensures security of the content. It can access an effective control over who publishes on the site and who is allowed to visit the same.

The CMS helps in developing SEO friendly web sites. They so technical work like creating XML maps, monitoring key words usage etc., to make the site friendlier to search engines like Google.

The CMS reduces the cost of possessing and maintaining a website, thus increases the profits. It also provides multiple pages to upload unlimited content by the user.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Off Shore Development Company In India

Any company that is incorporated and registered in a country for the purpose of its operations and services in some other foreign country for various legal and tax benefits is termed as an off shore company. An offshore company may indulge in internal or external or both depending upon the legal terms of the jurisdiction that it is being formed. It may have its directors,share holders and legal beneficiaries both inside and outside the country.

Generally business concerns need a software program to increase their business to greater heights. These software programs are being done by software development companies. An off shore development company is a company that supplies its software services outside the boundaries of the nation of its incorporation, where it is demanded. Since the local service providers charge high, companies demands the services provided by these offshore companies at a lesser development cost.

These companies hire the services of the expertise to ensure proper fulfillment of the project on time, in comparison to the individual developers that suit their business needs and budget framed. Apart from this they also provide value based suggestions to enhance the business based on their past experience.

Some countries like India,china and Russia has proven their standard expertise in outsourcing web development projects. Many companies in United states,U.K and Australia has subcontracted their web designing,web development and iPhone applications to India because of the expertise in outsourcing and good English communication at an effective low cost.

Selecting an right web development company for outsourcing includes a detailed analysis of their portfolios, previous clients profile,technical expertise and their communication.

Before selecting an outsourcing company a prior look of their company’s portfolio is necessary. From this one can figure out that how many companies that a particular company has worked with,the quality and standard of the creative output it has given,the efficiency of the technical expertise they employ to meet the needs and demands with in the time frame and budget and their online reputation in the market.